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Solid Municipal Waste Energy Recovery


When organic materials decompose in certain conditions - humidity, temperature and limited availability of oxygen - a biogas rich in methane is generated. This is one of the several types of gases that Guascor engines can use as fuel.

Landfill biogas: This is naturally generated as a consequence of the decomposition of the organic waste present at our landfills. This biogas is collected by wells and channeling systems through which the biogas is directed to the measuring and regulating station. There, it is cleaned and dehumidified.

After this treatment, the biogas is fed to Guascor gensets. As in other industrial applications, the electricity generated by a genset can be exported to a national or regional grid, also can be used for self-consumption of the plant or both at the same time, depending on the amount of gas generated and the genset capacity installed. Normally, if there is an excess of biogas, this it is burned by a flair.

Guascor installations similar to the one described above are operating in numerous national and international landfill sites throughout Europe, South America, and the United States.

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