Livestock Waste Energy Recovery
Treatment of liquid manure

The effluent which comes from pig farming or cow farming, commonly known as pig or cow manure, represents a serious environmental problem in areas with a high incidence of this type of farming. For example, swine liquid manure surplus is a highly polluting waste that must be treated in order to avoid its negative effects on the environment.

The problem with pig manure is its contents of contaminants, in particular the nitrogen and pathogenic agents, which affect the soil, surface waters and the atmosphere.

Guascor has combined the energetic efficiency of its gas engines with environmental impact mitigation solutions by developing its own technology for liquid manure treatment and valorization.

The solution implemented by Guascor makes extremely high usage of all the different types of energies generated at the gensets, witch can allow for efficiencies above 90% of the used fuel; the biogas obtained at the installation.

Guascor technology for treating pig manure avoids:
  • Soil contamination
  • Water contamination
  • Atmospheric contamination
  • Pathogenic agents

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Livestock Waste Energy Recovery