Biomass Power Plants
In terms of energy, biomass can be considered all organic material generated by photosynthesis; any organic residue from the agro-livestock and agro-food industries; As well as solid municipal waste and sludge from sewage farms.

Guascor gasification technology:
Guascor has new technology for gasifying different types of biomass; rice husks, olive cake from olive pressing, wood chips, etc.

The gasification plants are based on a modular concept and are able to process between 8,000 and 60,000 tons of biomass per year. The gas obtained from the gasification plants is used as a fuel for the Guascor gensets, which convert it into electricity that can be used for self-consumption or exported to the national grid.

The high performance of the Guascor biomass gasification plants and the later production of electricity with the gensets represents a competitive solution when compared with conventional boiler-fired system.

Types of biomass:
  • Forestry
  • Agricultural
  • Agro-food industry
  • Wood waste
  • Livestock
  • Sewage sludge
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Energy crops

“Guascor designs, projects and implements suitable solutions for each type of biomass residue.”

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Biomass Power Plant Solutions by Guascor