About Guascor - Research & Design

Grupo Guascor is a privately held company based in Vitora, Spain that participates in energy related activities throughout the world. Grupo Guascor designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of energy conversion and conservation products that serve diverse markets and applications from Asian fishing trawlers to South America petroleum production facilities.

As part of the Grupo Guascor world presence, Guascor Inc. was established to provide the North American market access to Guascor products and services. In addition to the reciprocating engine products detailed in this site, Guascor offers:

Guascor Inc provides commercial and technical assistance to our factory-authorized distributors of spark-ignited and diesel engines throughout North America.

Our mission to insure Guascor products are accurately represented, professionally applied, and serviced by trained, factory certified technicians using genuine Guascor components.

Give us a try. We offer cost effective products designed and built for continuous duty operation in extreme environments, after sales services focused on your long-term success. Contact a member of our team today to put Guascor to the test.